3 Tips for Lighting Your Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Staying at home doesn’t mean you need to stay in the dark. In fact, studies have shown that a well-lit environment can boost your mood which may be important while we’re all spending long hours in one place. Whether you are settled into your cozy home, or enjoying the fresh air on your patio, the experts at Larsa Lighting can help you to come up with a personalized lighting solution for your space.

Embrace natural light

While you are designing your lighting options inside your home, remember to embrace natural light. Your lighting design doesn’t need to be entirely artificial to make the best use of your space and design options. Consider opening your blinds to let in the sunlight. The combination of materials and technology offered by our extensive catalog can even combine nicely with your natural lighting from windows by utilizing reflective elements to maximize light distribution.

In a study reported by Psychology Today it’s discovered that sunlight is important during quarantine because it helps us to regulate our sleep patterns. “By exposing ourselves to 10 minutes of natural light in the morning, it alerts our bodies it’s time to wake up. ”

Larsa Lighting offers a wide range of unique wall and ceiling lamps which will add beautiful design to your space without casting any shadows the way that floor and table lamps do so that you can enjoy your open windows.

Personalize your outdoor lighting design in Dubai

Your outdoor space should be an extension of your home. You can personalize your outdoor lighting design in numerous ways to suit your lifestyle and needs. We can help you create a one-of-a kind space to enjoy including underwater pool lighting, recessed lighting in your patio or even fiber-optic stars in your sun room. We have specialty lighting options available for any design you can imagine.

Decorative lighting options should fit your personality

Your lighting options are only limited by your imagination. We have solutions for every room of your home and can design options to match your decorating tastes and personality. With over 20 years of experience and more than 1000 projects completed in the UAE we are able to tailor our experience to your project’s unique needs. Please call us at +971 4 3957284 for your individual lighting solution today.

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