5 Mistakes to avoid while choosing Table Lamps

We are all aware of the utilities of table lamps, but have you given a thought about its design? As minimal as a table lamp is, it could be a great add on for your house. But we often tend to make some silly mistakes while buying the same. The commonly made 5 mistakes are listed down below. Look at these mistakes minutely to not commit them ever again. 

Don’t Compromise on Style

If you are committed to align your aesthetics with your house, you should start investing in pieces that reflect your ideas. The right design could add to the overall look of your house. The first mistake that we often tend to commit is compromising with the design. Often the most neglected pieces in our houses are the most useful ones. Use this opportunity of buying a standard and decorative table lamp at best prices, to add to the décor of your house.

Do not be in a hurry

The next most common mistake that we often make is being in a hurry. As a consumer, you must never be in a hurry. A patient consumer will always end up with the best quality table luminaries at a reasonable price. It is very important that youcheck every detail on the tag before buying your preferred lamps. The overall lamp should be scrutinized minutely for cracks and discolor. Every detail should be confirmed from the seller before investing. You may also check images on the websites.


The wrong placement of table lamps could be a deal breaker. The most common place that one tends to keep them are at bed stands. How about you switch the positions for a change? You could also place it in your living room shelves. Small table luminaries are available in the market that could be curated according to your wishes to fit into smaller spaces. Mix and match with your needs to get the most out of the lamps.

Angles are important

Did you know angles are very important to make the best out of table lamps? To get rid of unnecessary shadows in your room, you could try to fit your lamps in desired angles. This can be possible only if you buy adjustable lamps. Modern day designs allow you to bend lamps forward, backwards, and side wards to get the desired angle.

Keep changing

Always keep an eye on the bulbs and batteries of the lamp. If you tend to overuse them, they will wear out soon. Therefore, to avoid such problems, change the bulbs every 3-6 months. This will make sure that your lamps are intact from day one.

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