Energy Saving Tips from Your Preferred Decorative Lighting Company in Dubai

Energy costs represent a big portion of your utility bill. In this age, when everything in the house is automated, you will end up incurring high electricity costs if you do not manage your appliances and gadgets well. If you are in Dubai, here are a few tips you can implement to reduce your energy bill.

Indoor Lighting

You can save money in Dubai by first changing your Halogen light bulbs to LED ones. LED bulbs help you save as much as 85 per cent of energy. You can find these bulbs at our lighting company in Dubai. Also, keep in mind that the sun shines bright in this region during the day. So, turn off all the lights and open the curtains. During the night, turn off the lights every time you are not using them. Leaving them on adds cost to your energy bill. Experts at our decorative lighting company in Dubai advise you use lowest-wattage bulbs for areas that use lighting around the clock. This can help you reduce power usage by up to 80 percent, especially if you use 15-watt bulbs.


To save power on refrigeration, you can set the temperature of the fridge at 38F and that of the freezer at 10F. What’s more, you can ensure food cools down before being refrigerated.

Air Conditioning Unit

Due to high temperatures in Dubai, the AC is always on. Hence, you must have it regularly maintained so that you do not incur high energy costs. Issues like dirty air filters can cause your appliance to overwork and increase your bill. It also needs to be checked for electrical connections and topped up refrigerant levels. Moreover, you can use fans in the bathrooms and the kitchen. Also, set the thermostat at 24F and on “auto” instead of “on.” 


Whether it is the lighting, the AC, or the refrigeration, you need to manage them properly so that your energy bills remain on the low. Even when you are installing decorative lighting, you need to ensure it doesn’t cost you every month. If you contact our decorative lighting company in Dubai, we will advise you on this and more. For indoor, outdoor & special lighting solutions, please call +971 4 3957284.

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