Indoor Lighting Tips for Your Home in Dubai

Selecting the right lighting for your home centres around two main concepts. First, it’s important to consider function. Lighting plays an important role by providing sufficient illumination for all the various activities that occur within a home. The second concept centres around a particular atmosphere or mood that homeowners want to feel in certain areas of the home. In some areas, homeowners may want to create a relaxed look and feel, whereas in other rooms it is very important to have sufficient lighting for specific tasks such as office work, reading, or food preparation. In this article we will focus on two areas, the bathroom and the outdoor swimming area, and discuss how to add just the right types of illumination for both function and style.


Luxury bathrooms generally serve two purposes. Bathrooms are typically the area where household members require bright lighting for tasks such as:

  • Shaving.
  • Hair Styling.
  • Applying Cosmetics.
  • Other personal hygiene activities.

While those tasks are utilitarian, it is still important to have sufficient lighting when family members are preparing for the day. Conversely, bathrooms often serve as a sanctuary after a long day. It is at this time that softer, more soothing light is needed in the bathroom so people can relax, draw a hot bath, and perhaps light some candles.

At first glance, one would assume outdoor swimming areas are mainly about relaxation. However, there are specific outdoor activities that occur around the pool area including perhaps, an area for food preparation and/or eating meals or a shower area. If an outdoor pool area receives frequent nighttime use, it’s important to provide enough illumination so that family members and guests avoid an accidental trip or fall.


Decorative lighting comes in many styles, shapes, and forms, with the right lighting features adding that extra “wow” factor that everyone wants to enjoy in their home. Depending upon personal style, homeowners may want to add a small chandelier or pendant lighting in the bathroom area for a soft, relaxing glow. Of course, just because a lighting fixture may primarily serve a function, it doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful as well. For functional purposes in an outdoor swimming area, homeowners may want to consider adding some striking large pendant lights or perhaps some eye-catching track lighting for areas designated for food preparation or eating meals.


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