Lighting Project for HHS Rashid Bin Mohammed Mosque

Lighting Project for HHS Rashid Bin Mohammed Mosque

Lighting Project for HHS Rashid Bin Mohammed Mosque

If you are in Dubai, you are bound to visit the exquisites’ mosques in the city. If you are not already aware, let us help you get acquainted with Rashid Bin Mohammed Mosque.

  • What should you know about Rashid Bin Mohammed Mosque?

This mosque has been designed to accommodate 900 worshippers. The design is inspired from typical Islamic architecture. The floor is covered with beautiful designs and patterns. It has hall that has the capacity of 500 devotees, another hall for women and most importantly a library. The building premises also includes a space for a Quran leaning school.

  • What makes the mosque stand out from others?

We often credit the beauty of the mosque to the space and architecture but the real hero in this picture is the gorgeous lighting. Had there been no lights, how would you have praised the designs all over the walls and floor?

Lighting ProjectThe bright lights guide your way through the premises. You get to enjoy the view of the mosque. The lights lit up the place in the most perfect way.

Not just the inner premises but also the outer halls and parking lots is lit with bright designer lights. These lights are specifically designed to compliment the architecture of the overall space.

Lighting projects in Dubai

  • In the recent years, lighting projects in Dubai have gained much popularity. Customized lights are becoming very popular. The advantages are many, such as:
  • You get to choose the design you have in mind
  • The design is aligned with your vision
  • You can add and subtract elements as you wish.
  • You pay for whatever service you opt for.
Wondering where you might find responsible contractors to give a shape to your vision?

For starters, when it comes lighting projects in Dubai, you must opt for Larsa lighting. Conquering over all other contractors in business, Larsa is the most distinguished contractor in Dubai. They have been a part of lighting project for HHS Rashid Bin Mohammed Mosque. Their work portfolio is available on the website for everyone to view. Customers are encouraged to look at their elaborate works on mosques, hotels, and housing complexes. The lighting project at this mosque was one of the most talked about projects in Dubai. Larsa lighting proved once again how efficient their designs are.

Larsa has been in this business for many years now and their services have been unmatchable since the very first day of their business. To book their services, you can contact them at +97143957284. You can also drop an email at Their office hours are from Sunday to Thursday. Do drop in with your queries at their showroom or give them a call. They are always ready to attend to their customers when in need. Customer service is their highest priority. They will either get back to you immediately or within 24 hours. You can be rest assured that you will receive the best services at the most reasonable prices.

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