Lighting Your Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now more important than ever that your home, business, or place of worship is equipped with reliable, high-quality illuminates, like the ones provided by the indoor, outdoor, and special lighting specialist at Larsa Lighting.

Who Are We?

Larsa Lighting is a renowned ISO 9001:2008 certified lighting seller and distributor station in Dubai, UAE. With over 1000 completed projects, and 20 years of extensive experience in the field, we work with you directly to ensure you not only have the lighting you need during this pandemic but that your lights are positioned in areas that provide adequate illumination.

What Kind of Lighting Do We Provide?


While most indoor lights serve as task lighting (lights the boost illumination in areas where tasks are performed), many variations of indoor lights work to create an ambiance that boosts the aesthetic of a specific area. Indoor lights provided by Larsa Lighting include:

  • Table Luminaires
  • Floor Luminaires
  • Wall and Ceiling Luminaires
  • Pendant Lights
  • Decorative Lights
  • Recessed Luminaries


Outdoor lighting refers to an array of lights, such as wall, overhead, landscape lighting, and other variations of fixtures. Their purpose is to enhance security, ambiance, and overall visibility. Outdoor lights provided by Larsa Lighting include:

  • Outdoor Flood Lights
  • High Protection Degree Recessed Fittings
  • Façade Light Fittings
  • Bollards
  • Urban Lighting
  • Recessed Wall-Mounted Luminaries
  • Recessed Floor Fittings

Special Lights

Special lighting refers to lights that serve a specific purpose in a specific environment, as opposed to a general function. Special lights provided by Larsa Lights include:

  • Islamic Lighting
  • Under Water Lighting
  • Steam Room Lighting
  • Sauna Lighting Sets
  • Bathroom Lighting

Lighting Your Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the pandemic, the main function of your lighting should focus on enhancing the security of your home above anything else. Larsa Lighting specialist will work with you to map out prime light positioning to help boost security through decorative lighting. The most popular form of outdoor lighting design in Dubai ranges from:

  • Bollards
  • Flood Lights
  • Recessed Floor Fittings
  • Recessed Wall-Mounted Luminaries

For contractors, architects, and interior designers in need of top of the line, reliable outdoor lighting design in Dubai, during the COVID-19 pandemic, call the lighting professionals at +971 4 3957284, or contact us at Larsa Lighting today.

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