Outdoor Lighting Design in Dubai

Larsa Lighting is a renowned decorative lighting company stationed in Dubai, UAE. We specialize in creating unique lighting solutions, dedicated to not only illuminating targeted areas, but doing so in a manner that also enhances the areas overall aesthetic. We provide a host of outdoor lighting deigns in Dubai, to satisfy all the wants and needs of our clients.

What is Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting refers to fixed artificial lighting that focuses on adequately illuminating outdoor areas to improve nighttime visibility.

Different Types of Outdoor Lighting

  • Outdoor Flood Lights – Outdoor flood lights refer to lights that focus on illuminating large areas. These types of lights are usually used to illuminate parking lots, sports fields, streets, driveways, warehouses, and stadiums.
  • High Protection Degree Recessed Fittings – High protection degree recessed fittings are also known as downlighting, pot lighting, and can lighting, and refers to those circular lights that are usually found in ceilings. For the most part, these lights are not used to provide adequate lighting. The intent is to provide accent lighting, which is mainly focused on the aesthetic.
  • Façade Lighting – Façade lighting refers to lights that are used primarily to accentuate elements of a building, such as signs, entrances, and visual architectural focal points (i.e., statues, bridges, etc.).
  • Bollard Lighting – Bollard lights refer to lights that are on a bollard. They are sturdy posts that create physical and visual boundaries that are used to block or steer cars and people away from buildings, lawns, and other protected areas.

Larsa Lighting is an ISO 9001:2008 certified lighting specialist and distributor with over 20 years of experience in the industry, and well over 1000 successfully completed projects under our belt. For those need of decorative indoor and outdoor lighting for residential and commercial areas, please contact the Larsa Lighting company in Dubai, at +971 4 3957284 today.

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