The Basics on Outdoor Lighting Designs in Dubai

Are you in search of a decorative lighting company in Dubai? If so, the team at Larsa Lighting is here to help bring your illuminative dreams to fruition, through our customized lighting design. We specialize in all things lighting. We have an extensive resume, creating the ideal aesthetics for clients whose needs range from special to outdoor lighting.

What is Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting refers to lighting that serves an array of functions, such as enhancing safety and illumination of exterior locations.

Lights we provide at Larsa Lighting include:

  • Recessed Wall-Mounted Luminaries – These lights not only serve a functional purpose but can be used as decorative lighting as well. Recessed wall-mounted luminaries can be found illuminating exterior areas, such as passageways, entranceways, paths, and car parks, to ensure enhanced visibility and safety.
  • Recessed Floor Fittings – Recessed floor fittings are amazing decorative lights. While they are mostly used to light passageways, entrances, and paths, they can be used to illuminate bathroom floors, and pools as well.
  • Outdoor Flood Lights – Outdoor flood lights are one of the most popular types of outdoor lighting. The main purpose of flood lights is to illuminate large areas, such as streets and parks.

What separates Larsa Lighting from other lighting companies in Dubai, is we put an emphasis on saving energy and reducing the harmful effects of light pollution, by stocking only the best-LED lights available on the market and figuring out the best placement of lights, based on your unique location. Light selection and placement are facilitated and conducted by our experienced team of engineers, who have spent years developing the skill of outdoor lighting designs in Dubai.

Larsa Lighting is an ISO 9001:2008 lighting specialist and distributor with over 1000 expertly completed projects under our belt, and over 20 years of experience catering to the region. For contractors, architects and interior designers in need of indoor, outdoor, and special lighting designs in Dubai, contact Larsa Lighting at +971 4 3957284 today.

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