Pendant Lights Are the Perfect Designer Lighting for Any Home

pendant light, simply put, is any light fixture that is mounted to the ceiling and hangs down. These lights are suspended, like a pendant would be on a necklace. As you can imagine, they come in a variety of different designs, making them the perfect option for decorative lighting for any space. So, how do you install them?

Simple Installation Steps

  1. Before you begin anything, make sure you turn off power to the room your working in, by using your circuit breaker or fuse box, and assemble your tools. You’ll need a screwdriver, wire strippers, and wire nuts. Also, consider protective gear, such as goggles and gloves.
  2. Remove existing fixture from the junction box, disconnecting the wires (use a voltage tester first), and removing the screws from the mounting bracket.
  3. With your new fixture in hand, reconnect the corresponding wires. They should be color-coded. You can remove some wire insulation with your wire strippers to expose connections. Then, wrap your wire ends together and cap your wires with wire nuts.
  4. Double-check that your ground wire is secured by wrapping it around the ground screw in the junction box.
  5. Push all the wires back into the junction box.
  6. Install your mounting bracket and screw in your new fixture.
  7. Assemble the shade and bulb, and restore power to the room. Turn on the light. You did it!

Advantages of Pendant Lighting


  • Adaptable — Like we mentioned before, there are many kinds of pendant lighting. You can choose your design and install to your liking
  • Saves Space — Since they hang from the ceiling, you’ll lose virtually no space with these lights
  • Provides Extra Light — While this may seem obvious, pendant lights are the perfect way to add ambient lighting to a space, or add additional lighting to a workspace. They are great for task lighting
  • Affordable — One of the most affordable lighting choices

Now that you know how to install pendant lighting, and you’re familiar with their advantages, what are you waiting for? Larsa Lighting can provide creative lighting for commercial and residential properties. They have tackled over 1000 projects and have over 20 years of experience. For indoor, outdoor & special lighting solutions for homes in Dubai, please call +971 4 3957284

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