5 Types of Urban Street Lighting – Outdoor Lighting

The urban lighting is the part of outdoor lighting that is needed to decorate and lighten the streets of the town. You may have heard about a lot of urban lights in the road. Let us have a look at various types of street lighting:

Metal Halide Street Lights

The metal halide bulbs/lamps are used in the parking lot, streets, and stadiums. The lights are bright in colour. This urban lighting can contribute light pollution. Moreover, the metal street lights are fairly efficient with rendering performance. This can also objectify the light along with the true colours of the street.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Street Lights

According to the LED technology, the style of outdoor lighting has been rapidly developed from the last 5-6 years. Nowadays, these bulbs are the best outdoor lighting. LED can save energy and emits white-blue light. These lights are combined with solar panels, so they can drastically minimize the necessity of electricity requirements.

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Street Lights

You may get various types of urban lighting in the streets of your city or town. However, the high pressure sodium lamp produces bright light with the mixture of gases and electricity. You may not need high maintenance for HPS street light. The yellow-orange glow of the light is best for night time. Moreover, you can manage the lighting style effectively. The lamps are efficient while it is raining, so this street light can be the best outdoor light.

Low Pressure Sodium (LPS) Street Light

The LPS urban lighting is quite similar to the HPS lights. It has warm yellow light mixed with seven colours of rainbow. The light is really efficient because of the warmth and effectiveness. The orange shade of the lights is aesthetic and natural. This light can also save the electric energy with the brightness.

Narrow Band Amber Lights

The modern technology has introduced a street bulb that emits pure white light. There are all seven colours of rainbow in this outdoor lighting. The blue light of this street light have grey and white lights on them that make the ambience light and beautiful.

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