About Larsa Lighting

Customised professional lighting design

About Larsa Lighting

Customised professional lighting design


Since our inception in 2003, Larsa has firmly established itself as one of the premier lighting specialists in the UAE. We see lighting as a science as much as it is an art, and with our reputation as an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, we pledge to deliver products and services that exceed expectation.


Larsa offers full spectrum of lighting services, from design, product selection, to installation and support. We offer from simple lighting ideas, all the way to highly technical lighting design for commercial installations that are crafted using the latest professional software to seamlessly and harmoniously address the individual needs of our valued customers.


We constantly innovate as part of our endless pursuit of transformative lighting ideas that illuminate the future.  Our company ethos is all about keeping the environment well lit. We are environmentally conscious, and we do believe that good lighting is the soul of a space.


Larsa Lighting Team

More than a company, Larsa is a family. We believe in trust & leadership, thus we want each team member to rise to the challenge of delivering the best service to our clients every day. A brilliant team of highly trained system integrators, project managers, technicians, sales associates, administrators, consultants, & lighting specialists are our backbone.


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