Indoor Lighting Tips – How to Decorate Your Home with LEDs?

Homeowners want to switch to LED lights due to their energy efficiency and long-lasting qualities. However, When LED lights are fitted in the correct style for indoor lighting, they can transform the appearance of your home. Accessible in a variety of colours, coupled with control gear, decorative LED light bulbs are capable of adding an elegant component to the décor of your interiors.

While considering indoor lighting for your home, an important aspect is to ensure that the design seamlessly blends with the décor and style of your entire house. There are several ways to use LEDs to decorate your home. They include:

LED Bulbs

Replacing your indoor lighting incandescent bulbs with the LED lights offers plenty of options. LED bulbs have the capability of recreating the warm glow of traditional incandescent bulbs. They come in three variations — cool white, warm white, and daylight colour. Cool white duplicates the light of the fluorescent tube. Warm white yield the same glow as halogen bulbs while daylight colour stark white light with a little shade of blue to reveal the true nature of your room..

Decorate the Door and Window Frames

Using LEDs, you can decorate your door and window frames, thus, making your home look beautiful, especially during a holiday season. The strips of the LED will light up, across and down the frames leaving an elegant look.

Cool Kitchens

LEDs will look great in your kitchen. Installing them underneath the wall-mounted storage units will ensure that counter-tops are flooded with enough light. This gives your kitchen an ideal look without making the place too bright. Give your kitchen an urban feel by installing LEDs beneath the base mounted units — allowing the lights to trip across the kitchen floor surface.

LED on Stairs

Open-riser stairs can never look more relaxed than when fitted with LED lights. And it is even more vital because those gaps can especially be deceitful at night.

Elegant Dressing Room

If on no occasion you have been sure the clothing to pick out in your closet, fitting a few LEDs in your walk in the dressing room or wardrobe can cast your outfits in a whole new light.

LED Lights for Home in Dubai

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