Things to consider for industrial lighting solutions in Dubai

industrial lighting solutions in Dubai

Things to consider for industrial lighting solutions in Dubai

Planning or installing the right lighting solutions in any commercial or industrial space, like commercial manufacturing units, warehouses, factories, and more, is not a walk in the park. Even people working in the commercial sector sometimes fail to find the right lighting solution. If the light placement or the type of light chosen is inappropriate, the overall productivity and performance will be hampered.

The business will suffer just because one failed to choose the best industrial lighting solutions in Dubai. Keeping the difficulties in mind, we have described some major considerations before choosing lighting solutions or planning.

Mapping the lighting roadmap

industrial lighting solutions
The first and foremost thing one needs to do is map the roadmap for lighting installation in the industrial or commercial unit. As these spaces are quite spacious, the map needs to include light installation points at multiple locations for maximum coverage and proper illumination.

It would be better to understand the areas from where the light rays can scatter in all directions and offer a greater degree of illumination. For example, installing the lights along the ceiling edges won’t work because the central portion of the industrial building will be dimly lit.

Choosing the proper light types

There are different types of commercial light Dubai. So, it is crucial to identify the functioning and features of each light type and then proceed. Some of the lighting types one can have for commercial or industrial spaces are:

  1. Incandescent bulbs: Known for bright illumination over concentrated spaces
  2. High-density discharge lights: Uses arc for high-density electrical discharges when connected to an active circuit
  3. Halogens: Used to illuminate large spaces from the top owing to a higher candela rating
  4. LED lights: Suitable for panel and ceiling lights, LED tube lights, and hanging lights in commercial spaces

Finding the right supplier of industrial lights

Unless and until one finds the right supplier for industrial lighting solutions in Dubai, it won’t be possible to carry out the installation work. Besides, a proper supplier will have high-quality lighting products and diverse stocks.

Managing the budget for the project

Installation of commercial and industrial lights isn’t a matter of a few bucks. Instead, the projects are worth hundreds of UAE Dirhams. Therefore, it is important to consider the overall projected budget and proceed further, so the budget is not crossed.

However, one should not compromise the product quality, installation process, energy costs, and safety of the lighting solutions in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Checking the proper installation

Since commercial lights’ installation processes differ from residential spaces, one should always check the lights post-installation. For instance, the lights must glow the moment they are switched on. Also, there shouldn’t be any spark in the high-discharge tubes.

Connecting the lights in a parallel circuit so that one defective product doesn’t affect the working of other lights installed and connected with the same power source.


This article has illustrated the most significant factors to consider before choosing the best commercial lights Dubai and installing them in spaces like stadiums, warehouses, etc. Therefore, it will help businesses to invest in the right lighting solutions without any safety hazards or associated risks.

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